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What is Graide?

Learn what Graide is, and how it can help you as an educator.
Graide is a complete assessment solution for STEM assignments with artificial intelligence (AI) assistance, rubrics, and analytics. It puts the AI in grading.
Graide can be used either as a standalone platform or be integrated with your learning management system (Moodle, Canvas, Blackboard, Brightspace, etc.).

For Educators

⌚ Save Time Grading

Graide optimises your assessment workflow by digitising your assessments.
  • Deliver assignments online.
  • Create and edit your feedback focused rubrics on the fly.

🙅‍♀️ Remove Repetition With Artificial Intelligence

Graide learns how you give feedback so you don't have to grade the same method twice.
  • Graide's AI is localised to a single question at a time.
  • Every time it sees a student answer it asks "Has this answer been seen before?".
  • If not the answer is given to a teacher to grade and give feedback to.
  • This answer and feedback together are used to build a model for how to grade this particular question.
  • So next time Graide automates feedback when work is identical, and suggest feedback where it is similar.

🖊️ Ask Any Question

Compared to other automated assessment platforms, Graide does not require any programming. If you can type the question and answer in our editor, you can ask the question!

For Students

📈 Increased Feedback

Graide's improved workflow makes it easier to give more feedback than ever before. Research has shown educators give up to 7 times more feedback with Graide.

🔄 Consistent Grading

Shared rubrics between multiple graders and retroactive consistency with any changes made means students get fair grades and feedback.

⏲️ Faster Turnaround

No more collating paper. Teachers can give feedback as soon as it is ready.