Creating an Assignment

This requires having set up users, either via LTI or standalone setup.

1. Select a Path

Skip this section if you've created a quick assignment
  • Click Teach on the navigation bar on the left.
  • Click on the module you want to create an assignment for.
  • Click on the Create Assignment button.
  • Search for and select the path you would like to use.
  • Click on the Use in assignment button.

2. Enter the Assignment Details


The title is shown to students and other staff members in your module.


The description is shown to the students in the assignment overview. Use this to give context and additional information to your students.

PDF Mode

If you would like students to upload PDFs of the entire assignment answers, or if you would like to upload a zip file of your student's work, check this box.
Graide will not use its AI in PDF mode.

Anonymous Grading

By default Graide is set for anonymous grading i.e. grader's cannot identify which student has done the work. This can be toggled, and then the student's name will be displayed on the grading interface.

Multiple Attempts

If you would like multiple attempts for your students you can set the exact number allowed or allow unlimited attempts.


The following dates can be set for your assignment.
  • View - When the students can see the assignment.
  • Begin - When the students can begin the assignment.
  • Deadline - After which students are told their submissions are late.
  • Hard Deadline - After which the student's work is automatically submitted.
  • Feedback - When the feedback will be received.

Grading Distribution

Pick the grader groups
  • Picking multiple grader groups will combine the groups.
  • The grading work will be randomly distributed amongst the selected graders.
Pick the distribution
  • Per Question will allow you to select which graders from the groups will be assigned which questions.
  • Per Student will distribute the work amongst all the graders picked. Each one assigned a roughly equal share of the work, and they can see all of one students work combined.

Extra Time

To give extra time for particular students search for and select them from the dropdown. Then set either in minutes or a percentage of extra time for those particular students.

3. Publish the Assignment

  • Scroll to the bottom of the page and click the Publish button.
The following assignment settings cannot be changed once published:
  • PDF mode.
  • Selected grader groups.
  • The view date or the begin date after they have passed.
  • The dates (except the feedback date) after the hard deadline has passed.
You can change the feedback date to make it available early.
Any updates to the question or the path will not update a published assignment.