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To navigate to the gradebook:
  • Click Teach on the navigation bar on the left
  • Click on the module for the assignment
  • Click on the relevant assignment card
  • Click on the Gradebook button

Using the Gradebook

Check the status of different student's work and your grading e.g. whether they've begun the question, if they submitted late, and the status of your grading for each question.
For details on what the information is available and what icons mean, see the key above the gradebook table.

Sorting the table

  • Clicking on the table header sorts the column in ascending order.
  • Clicking it again sorts it in descending order.
  • Click on the table cell that refers to a student's work and question to be taken directly to that job.
  • Click on the cell in the View Script button to be taken to an overview of the feedback for that student.

Force Gradebook Sync

Grade pushback is only available for institutions with an LTI connection.
You should not need to use this button, grades should be synced automatically when the assignment is graded.
  • Click the Force Sync Grades To LMS button.