Adding Feedback to the Rubric

Click on "Add new feedback to table" at the bottom of the table

This will pop up the add feedback form to fill out. There are four fields which are used to train Graide and give useful analytics to students and educators.

Feedback Category (optional)

The feedback category is used to analyse what broad topics the students did well or poorly in. It should complete the sentence You did well on / you need to work on Feedback Category.

Positive / Constructive

This categorises whether the feedback being given is positive or constructive. This is used in conjunction with the feedback category to give both students and educators useful analytics.


What the student will see once their work is graded. This accepts latex to enter mathematics if one uses \( \) delimiters e.g \(x^2\) is


This is a modifier for the current grade, i.e. how should the grade be changed upon application of the feedback.
It is a combination of a symbol and a number.
It will be coloured green if the result increases the grade, amber if the result increases the grade and the tag is constructive, and red if it reduces the grade.
The field accepts
  • +
  • -
  • *
  • /
  • =
The grade operations are applied in the order they were given as feedback.

Click on the "Add" button