Applying Feedback to a Student Answer

Applying & Deleting Feedback

  • Select the part of the student answer
    • Draw boxes on images and PDFs.
    • Click on part of the student answer.
  • Click on the feedback.
  • To delete feedback, click on the x button on the feedback.
You can select feedback before selecting part of the student answer.
Do not refer to parts of the answer below/after your feedback!
If someone makes an error and then corrects it later in their answer, give feedback about the mistake where it was made, and give separate feedback about the mistake being corrected where it was corrected.

AI Suggestions

Graide's AI workflow
When the AI begins to learn it will suggest feedback to give based on how you've been grading work. The suggestions have percentages on them, which is the degree of confidence of Graide has in the suggestion.
The AI will learn when you delete suggestions.

Applying Feedback Past the End of an Answer or not a Region

Occasionally you’d like to give feedback to the whole response or not a specific region. For example, “Please show more working”. This will take that into account when learning.