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Useful Features

When navigating to the grading page you'll be presented with a list of questions to grade. Click on the card to grade that question.
  • The footer on the right hand side will be blue if the question for that student is not marked as done, and green if it is marked as done.
To navigate between student's work use the arrow keys on the right hand side.
  • << 10 student's work back
  • < 1 student's work back
  • > 1 student's work forward
  • >> 10 student's work forward
To mark a question as done for that student and move onto the next student's work click the green > button
When PDF mode is on, you can also navigate questions whilst remaining on the same script.
  • Click on the dropdown on the top left of the page and choose which question to grade.

Show Example Feedback

The exemplars created by the question creator are visible to all graders. To show them click the Show example feedback button.

Zooming in on the PDF

When PDF mode is on, you can zoom into the script by clicking the green magnifying glass button.

Hiding the Question

To hide the question while grading work click the blue up arrow button.

Rearranging Feedback

To rearrange the feedback click and drag the item in the feedback scheme to where you would like to place it.
This arrangement is stored to your device, and will be different if you log in on a different device.