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Educator Quick Start Guide

1. Get Set Up

If you have a Learning Management System (Moodle, Canvas, Blackboard, Brightspace, etc.) your IT team will have to integrate Graide via LTI.
If you would like to set up Graide standalone you will have to get set up.

2. Launch Into Graide

Standalone setups only need to login.

2. Create a Grader Group

Grader groups help you distribute the grading work amongst your team.
This only needs to be done once per module.

3. Create an Assignment

There are two ways to create an assignment in Graide. You can create a quick assignment, or you can create a detailed assignment.
Quick assignments will create blank rubrics without exemplars.

4. Students Attempt the Assignment

Students can attempt assignments in Graide directly, or if PDF mode is on you can upload a zip file of PDFs of your student's work.

5. Grade Questions

As you grade questions, our AI will help you grade faster by giving you suggestions based on how you've graded previous work.

6. Students View the Feedback

Students can view their feedback directly on the platform, or you can export the feedback and grades for use elsewhere.