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Attempting & Submitting an Assignment

1. Go to the assignment

From your LMS

  • Go to your assignment in your LMS and click on the button that says Launch in new tab .
  • You will be taken directly to the assignment.

2. From a standalone account

  • Sign in with your login details.
  • Click on the relevant card in the Jump back in section.

2. Start the assignment

If the dates set by your teacher permit it, you will be able to start the assignment. You can view every question on the overview page.
  • To begin a question click on the Begin button.
If your teacher has set PDF mode on, there will only be one Begin button, where you can upload a PDF or images of all your answers together.
  • The question is on the left, and your answer editor is on the right.
  • Click on the Save button to save your answer.
  • Click on the Next button to go to the next question.
  • Click on the Overview button to go to the overview page.
The overview page tells you the state of the answers that are saved.
  • When you're ready press the Submit button on the overview page to submit your work.
You cannot undo submitting an assignment.
Your work will be auto submitted after a specified point controlled by your teacher.

3. Multiple attempts

If your teacher has allowed for multiple attempts, once you submit an assignment you'll see a Re-attempt button.
  • Clicking this button will show you your previous attempts.
  • Click on the New Attempt button to start a new attempt. This will clone your previous attempt for you to edit.
If you start a new attempt after the deadline has passed. Your submission will be marked as late!